Art Deco VIII

“You’re so Art Deco”

Bronze, pyrite & Ceramics ring
Unique piece

Pyrite & cristal glaze ceramics stone, imitating natural cristal set in Bronze.
Inspired by Art Deco structurak shape, the ‘ceramic stone’ is set on the side instead of the usual front view.

Unique piece, scukptural technique. Made with the lost wax casting technique.

It takes a lot of precision, care and research to develop crystals in an enamel. The mineral universe of the crystallizations is made up of oxides which react chemically during the firing of the glaze, the control of the descent in temperature of the molten furnace makes it possible, thanks to a complex chemical combination and the alchemy of fire, to obtain the magic of a crystalline construction.
This phenomenon is identical to those of crystallization caused by volcanoes in the volcanic chamber and which gives the various crystals found in nature.

Taille unique /Size :  
pierre céramique émail cristallisé, pyrite & bronze

Jewelry by

by Sculpture artist / Charlotte Cornaton 

Uniques pieces of Jewelry designed by Sculptural ceramist artist, Charlotte Cornaton

All made entirely by hand by the artist herself. Wearing a piece of art.