Headpieces for video performance
Unique pieces

photography -> Delphine Jouandeau

Video in collaboration with Zahra Sebti. 

Nissae is a symbolic and contemplative tale. This video stages the transmission of knowledge of the femininity of a guide to an initiate in 7 rituals:
" I am a girl, I am a woman, I am a house, I am a spider, I'm happy, I'm thought, I'm empty.”
It is built cyclically. The guide becomes an initiate.

Here a sculptural headpiece for recorded performance. Unique piece, made with hair, metal, ceramics & glass fiber. 
Sculptural pieces related -> Nissae

Taille unique /Size :  
Céramique émaillée, cheveux, métal & fibre de verre.

Jewelry by


by Sculpture artist / Charlotte Cornaton 

Uniques pieces of Jewelry designed by Sculptural ceramist artist, Charlotte Cornaton

All made entirely by hand by the artist herself. Wearing a piece of art.