“La Jeune fille et la Mort ”

Ceramics, hair, & metal headpiece
Ceramics & Bronze on Corset
Unique pieces

Danse performance ‘the young girl and the death’, in the churches of bones of South of Portugal. Insîpired by chaptel of bones, from South of Portugal. 

Nos ossos que aqui estamos, pero vossos esperamos”

Here a sculptural jewelry interpretation. Unique piece, made with the lost wax casting technique.
Sculptural pieces related -> Proserpine

Taille unique /Size :  
Céramique émaillée & bronze, chaînes argent

Jewelry by

by Sculpture artist / Charlotte Cornaton 

Uniques pieces of Jewelry designed by Sculptural ceramist artist, Charlotte Cornaton

All made entirely by hand by the artist herself. Wearing a piece of art.