Snake I  

“Eve sins”

Bronze ring
Unique piece

Unique piece, scukptural technique. Made with the lost wax casting technique. 

During the confinement, I was locked down in my ceramic workshop.
The words « We will count our dead » gave me great anxiety and I started making ceramics bones in pile.
But outside, just in front of my window, the flowers were still blooming, spring was there as if nothing was happening so I modeled a vulva flower, growing from that pile of bones.  It echoes women resilience, even fading, vanishing, it rise : through the struggle. A still life installation, a stake of vanities, a tribute to the ghost of past women artists who accompanied my precious loneliness.  

At the end of that pile of bones, a snake, the original sin, is the crawling towards death as a bad omen... it represent the origin of women curse in patriarcal society. those sculptural snake echo the one part of my artwork installation. ->
Hortus Vanitas

Taille unique /Size :  
bronze, fonte à cire perdue

Jewelry by

by Sculpture artist / Charlotte Cornaton 

Uniques pieces of Jewelry designed by Sculptural ceramist artist, Charlotte Cornaton

All made entirely by hand by the artist herself. Wearing a piece of art.